Hav konserten/Ocean concert with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra

It was one of those “dream come true” experiences that I never actually had pondered before, but after two nights of live on-stage music-science performances at Grieghallen in Bergen December 12 and 13, 2019, I realized that I had just been a part of something surrealistic and something I will never forget.

This is a backstage video I shot before our opening night and before our TV2 interview. Can you tell how excited I am?! 😀

This is a Bergen story, where two central institutions in the city, the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and the University of Bergen, decide to act upon a desire to have a collaboration of orchestral music and science around four different themes: Space, Ocean, Climate and Humans. I had the honor of being on the “Ocean Team” and coordinate the University of Bergen work for the concerts for December 12 and 13th 2019.

In the clip below by Andreas Hadsel Opsvik, you can see some of the hard work of crafting our scripts, with my on-stage collaborators Christian Jørgensen and Marius Årtun. We were fortunate to work closely with Arne Møller from www.SpeakLab.no on our short manuscripts that we would perform between the classical music pieces.

The concert was sandwiched with an open stands and exhibits in the Grieghallen foyer and ended with a musical nachspiel with a harp quartet (AMAZING!!) and two amazing text authors, Hilde Kristin Kvalvaag and high school student Ada Amilia Skjedsvold who performed inspirational texts continuing the theme of the Ocean for our captive audience.

In this screenshot, I’m actually pointing to the most amazing concertmasters, Melina Mandozzi, if you look carefully! https://harmonien.no/english/persons/players/melina-mandozzi/

The final product (in Norwegian!) is below. I hope to get a version with English subtitles soon! A special thanks to Gudrun Sylte and Andreas Hadsel Opsvik from Bjerknessenteret for their professional communications leadership during this project! And, of course, the whole of the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and the Neste Steg Team!